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vCIO Consulting Services

Our virtual CIO consulting service offers the technology and solution services needed for your company to succeed.

With the help of your business and IT teams, our vCIO consulting service will develop an IT strategic plan and a technological road map that are in line with your company’s goals and objectives.

To reduce waste and increase operational efficiency, we will evaluate and optimize the current procedures.

We provide services for business continuity and disaster recovery. Business continuity and catastrophe recovery plans are developed and tested by our vCIO in collaboration with your IT and business teams.

Our virtual CIO will efficiently monitor the IT budget and make suggestions to reduce IT OPEX and CAPEX expenses. To increase SLAs and reduce unnecessary costs, we will collaborate with vendors to renegotiate the current contract.

Why Choosing Us

Services are provided at no additional cost as a value-added service that is part of every Managed IT & Cloud package.

Why Choosing Us

Reduced IT expenses with predictive budgeting

What We Offer

IT strategic planning, road map, budgeting, technology assessment, upgrades, and process optimization.

What We Offer

Business continuity and disaster recovery, vendors management, project management, cloud migration and data analytics.