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IT must be included in the due diligence process as businesses start to plan a purchase. Our IT technology team can identify possible liabilities or potential integration barriers in the acquisition target, such as incompatible platforms that call for a workaround such as the massive underinvestment in technology we often see at target companies, which results in a postmerger IT function that depends on outdated architecture and systems.

Due to difficulties integrating operations and technology, many mergers fall short of hopes. However, mergers can be successful if their IT integration approach is well thought out. This is where we step in and offer end-to-end services to evaluate the target IT systems, present the target IT's present condition, and offer recommendations.

Our Approach


Core Platform Technology Due Diligence

Review and document core platform capabilities and technology architecture, determine any risks related with technology such as lack of standards, outdated IT systems, scalability to support growth plans, performance, extensibility, and openness to support new offerings, reliability, and availability.

    • Assess platform technology architecture
    • Review technology roadmaps
    • Review organizational operational processes
    • Review key IT vendors and contracts

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IT Backoffice Due Diligence

Record the key business systems that the company presently relies on to run its essential operations, the key IT personnel, resources, and vendors supporting these systems, their potential integration with the acquirers’ current systems, and the related budgets.

  • Evaluate the current IT Operations
  • Analyze overall expenditure plans and budgets
  • Understand back-office IT projects and roadmap
  • Review 3rd party or internally developed systems

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Compliance & Cyber Security Due Diligence

Conduct a cybersecurity and data privacy due diligence to find out if there are any potential cybersecurity problems at Target and to suggest potential high level corrective actions.

Perform security risk assessment to find out security strength and weakness, understand the status of compliance with various industry regulations. Analyze the cyber security operations, application security and data privacy controls.

  • Analyze security controls, capabilities and gaps
  • Vulnerability scans and Penetration testing
  • Data life cycle analysis
  • Assess Data privacy controls

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IT Assessment & Integration Strategy

The assessment phase includes a report of a detailed analysis of the prospective IT environment’s capabilities to support both the current and future states of the business, measure the maturity and integration of the systems in use, and determine whether the current systems and environments have the ability to scale to support more substantial future growth.

We also create and deliver high-level integration strategy outlining the timelines, milestones, and expenses involved in integrating the technologies of the acquired and acquiring companies.

    • IT assessment report
    • Major risks and recommendations
    • Integration plan
    • Technology strategy & roadmap

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